Your Comfort is Our Priority

A multi-functional working space, an intense space for working and collaborating with spacious desk, a small meeting room with up to 6 person and space you can setup instantly for training, workshop, or seminar with up to 30 person.

High Speed Internet

We provides high speed internet to support your activities to keep going comfortably

Free Tea & Coffee

We provides free tea and coffee to support your activities, for stay fresh in carrying out all kinds of activities you want to do

Prayer Room

We provide a space specifically designed for prayer, simply a designated place where you meet with God.

membership types
Meeting Space
Sakala space provides meeting space with a maximum capacity of 6 participants There are various facilities such as 42′ LCD TV(s) presentation media, smart kapp (digital whiteboard) and free flow tea & coffee.
Working Space
Sakala space as a co-working space with 20mbps WiFi, free flow tea & coffee, and microwafe.
Event Space
Sakala space provides event space with a capacity of 30 participants for seat & 15 participants for table & chair, infocus screen, projector, wireless sound system & mic and free mineral water.
Class Room
Sakala space provides classrooms with a maximum capacity of 12 participants, desk & chair, infocus screen, projector, sound system & mic wireless and free mineral water.